“Thanks for the good work last week. I was at the Toby Keith concert when our sign flew over. I wish you could have heard our group of dealers cheer the first time they spotted the banner. I also saw you Saturday above US-23 for the Michigan game. One of our managers left me a message on Friday evening to express his surprise and delight at seeing our “gorgeous and proud” banner over the Northville Victorian Festival. Thanks!
– Eddie Ray, Brand Manager–Ford

“For some reason, it is not humanly possible to ignore the message trailing a plane high above the sands.”
– Philadelphia Magazine

“Aerial Advertising is effective and efficient in reaching the many millions of current and potential Pepsi drinkers…”
– Pepsi-Cola., Inc.

“We have a large degree of success…it is an excellent medium …”
– Department of the Army

“It’s a unique way to get to a captured audience. We love it!”
– Resorts Casino

“We need a ten fold return on our advertising dollar, and we found that aerial advertising is the only medium to deliver!”
– Racingschools.com

“Aerial media is an effective way to inform the public of a new attraction.”
– The Henry Ford Museum

“We had good feed back from the early September coverage. Also, Ford just had a record sales month for F-150 and the Detroit Region was #1 in the nation. I’m glad to have you as a part of it.”
– Detroit Region – Ford

At Air America, our number one goal is to deliver engaging aerial advertising messages to your targeted audience at the time you want us to be there.