Air America serves cities across the United States. Sporting events, music concerts, parades, festivals – you name it, we fly it. In addition to towing aerial advertising signs, we can customize an aerial billboard or build up a letter banner which can be flown at various events and locations across the nation.

At Air America, our number one goal is to deliver engaging aerial advertising messages to your targeted audience at the time you want us to be there. In order to accomplish this goal, we employ our own pilots and are owner operators of our own fleet of insured planes. In addition, our propriety systems and tools enable us to tow some of the largest aerial billboards with custom artwork in the business.

  • Crowded beaches
  • Major metropolitan areas with rush hour traffic
  • At sports complexes, such as baseball parks, football stadiums and college sporting events where tailgating and other festivities take place
  • Speedways and racetracks
  • Festivals and fairs
  • Theme parks (Cedar Point, Kennywood and Great America are just a few examples)
  • During parades (St. Patrick Day parade, holiday parades, etc.)
  • Music concerts