There is No Better Way to Aerial Advertise Your Business

Than to ‘Say it in the Sky’!

Air America Aerial Advertising

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Welcome to Air America Aerial Ads, providing aerial advertising, billboards and letter banners to cities across the nation for the past 30 years! Air America builds up letter banners and aerial billboards in house, along with utilizing a staff of highly skilled pilots. We take care of your aerial advertising needs from start to finish.

Our specialty is working with businesses one on one to create engaging aerial billboards to fly in the sky above venues, events and locations where your Aerial Advertising will be seen by your targeted audience. Air America has also been towing aerial billboard ads and letter banners at Nascar races and both large and small events since 1983. Our experience in aerial advertising combined with three decades of experience results in a stellar safety record and thousands of satisfied customers.

Aerial Ads & Advertising – Coast to Coast

Toledo, Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, Saginaw/Midland, Pontiac, Flint, South Bend, Grand Rapids, Atlanta, Nashville, Milwaukee, Fort Wayne, Cleveland, Dayton, St. Louis, Lexington

Air America planes used for aerial advertising.

Air America serves cities across the United States. Sporting events, music concerts, parades, festivals – you name it, we fly it. In addition to towing aerial advertising signs, we can customize an aerial billboard or build up a letter banner which can be flown at various events and locations across the nation.

Air America flying an aerial ad over a city.

Why Air America?

  • Control & Accountability
  • Proprietary Systems and Tools
  • Accountability & Scope
  • Our #1 and #2 operational rule is Safety First
  • National capabilities
  • We work with you to see your program through
  • We guarantee results and deliver measurable value
  • Over 25 Years Experience