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Why Aerial Advertising? IT WORKS!

• Dynamic and eye catching
• High recall
• Immediate results-targets consumers that are outside and active
• The public’s fascination with airplanes grabs their attention and forces people to read the message
• Woodward Dream Cruise (Detroit) 1.7 million impressions, Michigan International Speedway over ¼ of a million, 3 hours over Rush Hour metro Detroit 500,000 impressions-how many radio spots would you need to buy to get that kind of coverage!
• Ability to target very specific audience
…when properly employed, aerial advertising is the only true mass-medium left in a world of fragmentation and diminishing returns

As aerial advertising became more and more popular with major advertisers, a comparison with other media involving reach, impact and readership was needed. The Aerial Sign Company (now Van Wagner) engaged a market research firm, Little Studio of Design and Research, to complete 750 interviews. Research was conducted on four South Florida beaches using a variety of portable outdoor copy. The findings were as follows:

Within the last 30 minutes, do you recall seeing any aerial advertising flown?

Do you recall any of the advertising message?

Recalled brand name and 50% or more of the message.

When the State of Maine instituted a lottery, over $100,000 was budgeted to promote awareness of the lottery using a wide variety of media. Questionnaires compiled by Northeast Marketing of Yarmouth for the State Commerce Department showed that during the campaign 70% of the people sampled were aware of the lottery. The following is the breakdown of how they learned about the promotion:


Aerial Advertising scored tremendously high with only 8% of the total budget.